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Research Highlights
Distinguished Research Award from the National Science Council

From 1990 to date a total of 65 faculty members have received the Distinguished Research Award from the National Science Council, raking Taiwan Tech No.6 in Taiwan.

Technology Licensing

Ranked No.1 in Taiwan by the National Science Council for its cumulative total fees received for technology licensing over the last 10 years. 

Outstanding Industry-University Cooperation 

Received the outstanding Industry-University Cooperation Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers for 12 years in a row, the only university in Taiwan to have done so. 

Enterprise Incubation 

Incubate innovative small and medium-sized enterprises; Promote commercialization of R &D results; Impetus industrial restructuring; Provide consultation for public stock offerings.

Best Tech university in the Funding, Production, and Application of Intellectual Property through Research Cooperation 

Ranking first among national technical universities in the areas of "raising and effective use of funding from industry," "breadth of the effectiveness of cooperation with industry," "effectiveness in producing and applying intellectual property" and "effectiveness in intellectual property transfer."


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