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After many years of making significant contributions to Taiwan's economic growth through our training of managers and engineers and research cooperation with local industry, Taiwan Tech has turned its focus to the world stage, pursuing programs of internationalization that reach into every area of campus life. These efforts of our departments and research centers are supported by the various administrative and service offices of the university, along with our newest top-level administrative unit, the Office of International Affairs. 
On campus, internationalization has meant recruiting students from abroad to study for degrees at Taiwan Tech, as well as to take courses or engage in research work through various exchange programs. This international student contingent has already expanded to around 5% of our total student body, representing over 40 countries. The numbers of students from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Ethiopia and Latin America are already large enough to form their own student association. In addition, there is the Association for International Affairs(AIA), a group of local students with a mission to assist our international students in making the most of their stay in Taiwan, through services extending from help for new arrivals to support of cultural activities and arranging for tours of Taipei’s and Taiwan’s scenic and cultural treasures. The university also supports the internationalization of our degree programs by encouraging a steady increase in the number of English-taught courses at the graduate level, while making intensive efforts through summer and additional regular-term English training to raise the language capability of our local students, while also providing free Mandarin language training for our international students. On the faculty and administrative level, Taiwan Tech welcomes a large number of international scholars each year, including for long or short term faculty appointments, international conferences, seminars or lectures, research projects, or just to discuss establishing a cooperative relationship with their home institution, thus adding to the list of over 200 academic institutions on four continents with which we have signed such agreements. 
Off-campus, internationalization has meant our sending students abroad for dual-degree programs, student exchanges, short-term laboratory research or summer study programs, and internships in overseas companies. Our students can compete for several types of study-abroad scholarships to support their quest for international experience. Our faculty is also representing Taiwan Tech overseas in many capacities, whether presenting papers at international conferences, recruiting students for our graduate programs, or planning international research projects with colleagues abroad. 
Because of Taiwan Tech's original and very successful mission of support for the local economy, we were later than many other Taiwan universities in beginning our internationalization efforts, but as a result of our usual intense dedication to substance and quality, we now stand proudly with our peers among the Taiwan Top University Grant recipients on the global stage, confident of the significant contributions that we will strive to make to the future of Taiwan and the world.